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Cycling from Pucon to Santiago in Chile

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Cycling from Pucon to Santiago in Chile

I`m heading to Santiago from Pucon. I think Ruta5(is it possible?) is shortest way to Santiago.
Does anyone has experience in there? Which cycling route is best?
Welcome to any suggestions. Thank you!

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Find the smaller routes

Hey there,
I know this is a few months late, but I would advise you to get off Ruta 5 and see backroads of the districts. In 2019 I cycled from Conception through Canete, Temuco and then to Pucon, through around the back on my way to Puerto Varas. There are times you cannot avoid the main roads and main highways, but some of my best days were spent cycling 'around the back of this volcano' or 'around a lake' :-)
While I planned to camp, I found most Airbnb's cheaper than the camping sites and Chileans are amazing.

Use multiple map programs - Maps.Me was unreliable; google walking directions became my go to.