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Colorado Rockies

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Colorado Rockies

Hi, Heading out of Grand Junction, Colorado, after taking Amtrak from the West Coast, to explore the roads and trails of the mountain region of Colorado. (Might drop into NM to visit a friend.)
Seems like I could be entertained for a month or more, so it might be nice to meet other riders.
Hence, if you are cycling in the area, and want to change pace and ride with another for a day or more, drop me a line.
I will be self-contained, wild camping in what should be some spectacular country.
As far as daily mileage, no real idea, as most of my past riding has been across countries and continents; this trip's focus will be trying out all the possible routes to the same location.
Mostly, I have hopes of spending some part of the summer being outside, and the Colorado Rockies seems like a worthy place to do such.

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