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Paris - Saigon by bicycles from September 2014

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Paris - Saigon by bicycles from September 2014

Hello everybody

My boyfriend and I have been on the road for a bit more than a month now. We left Paris where we used to live (14 years for me, almost 4 years for him) on september 17th and are heading to Vietnam (where I am originally from and where we would try to make our new lives :-) ). We are now in Italy and are going south before taking the ferry to Greece.

We plan to go then through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Central Asia before going up to Russia to catch the Trans-Mongolia to Oulan Bator then down to China and finally reach Vietnam.

Our blog:

Our Facebook page:

We would love to meet up if you are also on the way.

And we would surely need help, especially for the Central Asia part :-)

Binh and Alessio