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Edit: The meeting was held and the minutes are available.

The annual meeting of the Foundation will be on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 22:00 UTC. See it in your own timezone. That's 2pm US Pacific, 3pm US Mountain, 5pm US Eastern, 23:00 CET, 9am Sydney (Jan 12).

The meeting will be on Skype, I'll initiate it (randyfay), so if you want to be there private message me your skype username. We're limited to 25 participants. All you have to do is be logged into skype and you'll get the call.

We have lots of exciting things to review and plan this year, including new initiatives for the coming year and a review of the past year's growth and challenges. A full annual report will be released before the meeting.

Please review the Annual Report prior to the meeting.

Thanks to all who have made another year of gracious hospitality and new friends happen,

January 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda

(Mention that free discussion of issues will be after formal close of board meeting.)


Call to order

2014 Meeting Minutes Approval

Executive Director's Report (Randy Fay)

From 2014 Annual Report:

  • Organizational Improvements
    • 501(c)(3) US Nonprofit Designation
    • Helpdesk for member support
  • Statistical perspectives: Growth, European membership, Responsiveness, Languages, Contribution sources
  • Website development at low ebb
  • Importance of apps and mobile version of site as the world transitions from web to mobile apps.
  • Membership Incidents
  • Sustainability
  • 2015 Goals and Initiatives
    • Fundraising at a completely new level
    • Prioritize issue queue
    • Volunteer management (We already have a new volunteer manager, Peter van Glabbeek)
    • Member communication - We need a volunteer or staff to focus on this
    • Increase board diversity
    • Expand vision and possibly scope of organization
    • Plan upgrades to site technology
    • Consider allowing commercial members
    • Train at least one more member admin and streamline support processes (Jack Turner in Training)

Treasurer's Report (Drew Childers)

See Treasurer's Report.

Translation Team Report (Cyril Wendl)

See Translation Report

Unfinished Business

Action items from 2014 meeting:

  • Hold a yearly meeting about membership problems
  • Communicate even more clearly that members always need to give feedback
  • Write and post case studies about potential problems and how to deal with them.
  • Keep a list of positive feedback people give about Warmshowers (Mark)

SWAG: Longstanding unfinished business:

Directors and officers elections

Note that Randy Fay and Russell Workman are expected to be staff this year and thus Randy will need to resign; Russell, who would otherwise have been an obvious choice for the board, will need to work on the paid project he has undertaken.

Board Nominations:

  • Leanna Levine
  • Ken Francis


  • President
  • Vice President

2015 Budget

See Budget

New Business

  • Term Limits


Open Discussion of Suggestions, Initiatives, Questions and Concerns

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Count me in.

Looking forward to it Randy. Thanks Russell

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Date on the annual meeting announcement

Did you mean "2015" for the year in both the subject line and in the body of the announcement?

Jim Young
Nit-picker of the year in 2013

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Hello Randy and others,

You can count on me.
Should we read some documents to start the meeting well prepared?

Sorry, missed the link to the annual report.


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