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Tumblr cycling photoblog

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Tumblr cycling photoblog

Other than to prove that i am an ongoing, albeit non-active cyclist, i present to you my Tumblr photoblog as prove of documentation on my cycling activities. No, this is not for bragging rights. There are others who have greater distance than i do. There are others who have better gear than i do. There are others who have much more experience on cycling than my own lifetime.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase my cycling activities and at the same time to promote Sabah Malaysian Borneo. Yes, i needed the money. No, i am not that desperate. I dont take donation. I have my dignity still.

Also, it is to promote my blog and look up for sponsorship. My one and only MTB are down at the moment. No, i am not begging. Big difference. Write to me, i enjoy the correspondence.

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