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The Foundation board held its regular business meeting on May 31, 2015. All board members and officers were present: Chris Russo, President, Mark Martin, VP, board members Lou Melini, Leanna Levine, Ken Francis, Cyril Wendl, Alex Rosenblatt, Treasurer Drew Childers, and Executive Director Randy Fay.

All votes were roll-call votes.

President Chris Russo welcomed the board members and called the meeting to order at 4pm US ET. He then reviewed the agenda.

  • Fundraising status, plan and expectations for this year.

    Randy Fay summarized the Fundraising Status Report, saying that community support has been outstanding. Even in May, 2015 a month after all appeals, donation incoming was $6000. We are well on track to meet our budget goals for the year thanks to an amazingly generous community.

  • Treasurer's Report

    Drew Childers presented the Treasurer's Report, saying that we have more than $62K in current assets. He noted that we have a discrepancy in the numbers reported by Donortools (our donation management system) and Wave Accounting (our online accounting system) of about $5000. The board discussed this and decided that it would be resolved by planned implementation of a new accounting system.

    During voting several members expressed their concern that bookkeeping be improved.

    The Treasurer's Report was unanimously accepted.

  • Adoption of 2015 Budget

    The 2015 revised budget was presented. The original version was not adopted in January because there was no fundraising plan in place to support it.

    Leanna Levine expressed concern about the cost of the Drupal 7 upgrade and indicated that we should budget full commercial cost in the future, as well as amortizing costs over years before the upgrade. Cyril Wendl asked whether we should switch to another platform that would not involve such costly upgrades. Randy Fay explained the search for such a solution had been unsatisfactory, and that all the options examined had seemed vastly riskier and more costly than just upgrading to Drupal 7.

    Chris Russo asked Randy Fay to prepare a full cost analysis of the Drupal 7 upgrade after its completion, and that todo was added to the list.

    Mark Martin moved to accept the budget as presented. Cyril Wendl seconded the motion. The motion passed 6 in favor, 1 against.

  • Report on Executive Director Job Description and Compensation

    Randy Fay presented the Warmshowers Staff Responsibilities and Salary Issues report.

    The report had already been reviewed and discussed so generated little comment. The intent is to understand our budget and staff needs in coming years.

  • Executive director contract

    The executive director contract for the coming year was reviewed.

    Cyril Wendl moved to approve the contract as presented. Leanna Levine seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

  • Trust and Safety Report about Toulouse Theft Incident, reactions to it.

    Alex Rosenblatt of the Trust and Safety group presented a summary of the recent victimization of hosts in Toulouse, France. A fake guest used the phone to contact several hosts and was invited to stay with them, but unfortunately left in at least 5 cases with electronic devices. Since the Warmshowers help desk received and collated these reports fairly soon after they started to happen, the hosts were able to collaborate and work with the police. Just two days ago it was reported that the thief has been apprehended and is in custody. During the course of this problem all hosts in the Toulouse area were notified, and later all hosts in France were warned. The Trust and Safety group is will work to educate members to vet potential guests before inviting them, especially when they call by phone.

  • Drew Childers' resignation as treasurer.

    Drew Childers has resigned as treasurer effective July 1, 2015. Chris Russo said he is working as treasurer for the another cycling org and will collaborate with Leanna Levine to discuss potential treasurer options and bookkeeping improvements. The Treasurer role (a volunteer role) is open.

  • Drupal 7 Upgrade status report

    Randy Fay presented the Drupal 7 upgrade status report. Happily, the upgrade is ahead of schedule and is expected to be deployed in Fall, 2015.

The next regular board business meeting is June 28, 2015, and meetings will be held the fourth Sunday of each month until changed.

Mark Martin moved to adjourn
Ken Francis seconded the motion, and the adjournment passed unanimously.

Minutes compiled by Randy Fay from notes by Drew Childers and Randy Fay. We are looking for a volunteer board secretary.